Hope 22 is a local Kansas City photography project that brings awareness to the fact that 22 veterans commit suicide a day. Our mission is to raise awareness around our country’s suicide epidemic. We seek to educate the public on mental health issues such as PTSD, as well as to offer local resources for those in need.

The Dark to Light exhibition is a fundraising event featuring the pictures of twenty-two veterans. It will go on display at the National World War I Museum and Memorial during Veterans Day weekend, November 11-12, 2017.

National World War I Museum and Memorial
2 Memorial Dr.
Kansas City, MO 64108

Find out more about Hope 22.

Brooke Brown shares about where the heart and vision of Hope 22 came from.

Brooke how did you get connected to Warriors Accent and what programs do they offer to Veterans?

How inspiring has it been to see the impact that these 22 Dark to Light stories are having?

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  • Erin Rubin says:

    What about our children?So many students are killing themselves daily.They aren’t going to war for our country, they didn’t make that choice for themselves but they are fighting a war inside themselves.The word of the True GOD is not being passed down to the next generation cause we are scared of…….what…..someone not liking us or not cool enough.Oct 20 this year I lost my son to suicide and living in this town I grew up with it.We have a church on every corner yet we don’t seem to be like minded to save the generations of this town to know that GOD loves us when it doesn’t seem like anyone else does.

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