Instilling a good work ethic, care for others and healthy money-management skills in our kids can be daunting tasks.  Gregg Murset was a financial planner when he and his wife began to pray about how to share these life shaping values with their 6 kids.  That’s when Gregg developed the website and he graciously shares the resource for free with millions of other families.  To take it all a step further, Gregg loaded his wife and 6 kids into a 33 foot RV to work their way across America.  As part of their summer vacation, the family is partnering with local charities lending a helping hand in each city.

Melony & Wayne got a chance to talk with Gregg as the RV pulled into the KC Metro.

Gregg Murset Why work on your summer vacation

Gregg Murset What specifically is your family doing in KC

Gregg Murset How have you seen these practices expressed in your kids’ behavior


Get your family started on your own journey to discover the rewards of a good work ethic and giving back.



Gregg Murset and family-Working Their Way Across America

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